Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Borders and Artwork

T here are times when borders or artwork add a fantastic element to a personal history. I love creating a combination of art and story.
I have drawn portraits for family history records from old, worn photos with the detail rubbed out. I have drawn portraits from discolored pictures of babies who died shortly after birth, but I made the babies look sleeping and beautiful in the drawings. I once drew a picture of a mother whose face was burned in a fire while rescuing her baby. She cried to see a portrait of her face made whole again. In my own family, there is one small picture of me and my twin sisters when we were very young. When blown up, it became blurred and grainy, so I enlarged the picture in a drawing.

Old, Worn Picture Drawn With Enhanced Detail

Small Picture Drawn Larger

I love to create a family crest, or a personal logo. My own logo is a rose on a background of music notes. The rose reminds me of God and his creations—my growing family and the lovely things of the world. The music reminds me of the creative arts and my love of music, art, and writing. What might your personal logo picture? Or would you love a vignette of you and your sweetheart with your home, a temple, or other symbols of your past in the background?

My Personal Logo

I can create a hand-designed border that will add a taste of the outdoors, of family roots, of culture, or anything a client may want.

Borders and Art in Color or Black and White (as you wish)

I can take a family character and write his or her story into a picture book for children. Below is a painting I did for a children’s story of a set of faithful draft horses, Preg and Dan. There were no snapshots of these favorite old horses, but now they are captured in an illustration that helps to tell a wonderful family story.

Preg and Dan; Children's Book Illustration

Some people like their history plain and straight forward. Others want some tasteful embellishment, and still others want some fuss and feathers. I’m all for making your story reflect who YOU are, and be as comely, lovely, or fun to look at as it is to read.


  1. I love your art work! Holly takes pictures of or scans all her children's art work so she can keep those memories without taking up a lot of room.

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  3. I took this comment off as it was just a duplication.

  4. The art pieces you have done for me and the ones you have given to me from my childhood have and will always be priceless to me. There are at least 4 spaces in my house that I see your art work all year long and I think about you every day because of it. All of the other spaces are filled with the pictures my sisters have taken for me which are also priceless to me.