Saturday, January 7, 2012

Be Sure to Include Fun Little Anecdotes in Your History

                       Overworked Hero
                       A fun little story told by Mary

Mary, making use of that washtub and her brother

      When I was almost six years old, my mother used to take me to musical pictures and movies; then my brother and I used to act out the parts in the back yard. One night as it was getting dark, we were sitting on an upturned washtub singing, “Are the Stars out Tonight.” This song was from a picture in which Dick Powell and Ruby Keeler played. In the picture they absent-mindedly rode to the end of the car-line. As they were walking back home, he carried her and sang the song. So that night I had my brother carry me from the tub to the back steps while I sang the song. After staggering under my weight half a dozen times, he finally said, “Listen Mary, you gotta cut out this love business, I can’t take it!”
      However, it was worth all the hard work because the lady next door gave us each a nickel the next day.

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