Tuesday, January 10, 2012

                          Pictures Do Speak

P ictures speak their thousand words in silence, but they do say a great deal, so never underestimate their importance.
This courageous little bride married a widower with six children. (The baby isn’t pictured.) When asked about it later, she laughed and said, “I didn’t know what I was getting into.” But the marriage lasted and she went on to have five children of her own, raising a total of eleven children.
While she worked with determination to raise the family on earth, she referred to the deceased mother as the family’s “guardian angel” who was watching over the family from above.
When this little five-foot, two-inch bride took over as the mother of this family, she instigated a rule that anyone who swore—including such words as dang, darn, heck, or sheesh—had to pay a quarter or buy her a candy bar. The family’s language cleaned up in a hurry.
Another rule she put into effect was that no one could say anything about anyone else unless it was two of these: kind, true, or necessary. The family’s thinking became more magnanimous.
Over the years, this little mother made heroic efforts to keep all of her family alive and healthy. In one instance, she even got better than the nurses at caring for a grandson born with heart defects. You could say many hearts beat for this lady.
There is no greater cheerleader than this woman for her family. She tenaciously defends and encourages all good things in every family member.
Knowing now, what you do about this woman, aren’t you glad to have a picture to view?

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