Sunday, February 26, 2012

Journal Jar History

Salad dressing jar full of journal questions

            A  Simple but fun way to approach writing your history is to make a journal jar and draw out a topic to write about each week. What a fun read it will make in a few years!
            I made a journal jar in an evening by washing out a plastic salad dressing jar and filling it with strips of paper containing questions.
            I made it colorful by printing the questions on different hues of paper. (Not that it matters what the jar and etc. looks like, except for the artist in me or you.)
            You can find journal jar questions on the internet, or you can make up your own.
            As you write out or type your questions, look them over and add topics that are important to you. You can change typed questions into a pleasing font and size.
            I have also seen journal question books. In fact my husband and I have been writing responses to questions sent to us by our daughter who found them in a book of that sort.
            This journal jar idea is an old one I used many years ago, but is still around because it’s a good one. It’s another really fun approach to writing your history. Try it and enjoy!

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