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Timeline of an event

          A ny good personal history might include one or more timelines. A timeline is a chronologically ordered chart, table, or outline listing dates, events, summaries, and/or pictures. Timelines don’t include all the detail, but they list the most important events, steps, or graphics. For instance, the above picture shows a typical event in a man’s life, not because that event was so important, but because this event captures an important trait of this man’s character. He saw what needed to be done, and would find ways around the limitations and get the job done. He did this throughout his life. By using this timeline I was able to quickly illustrate—with proof—one of his dominant character traits.
Another man worked at three part-time jobs, went to college, picked up his child from daycare each night, and fixed dinner. A timeline could be used to show how he fit all this into his day.
            A timeline can be used to list events that span a century, or  just one day. It’s a good way to map out your life chronologically, or to show yearly pictures of you as you were growing up, or to illustrate the events of a typical day.

            Here are some simple examples of formats they might take.

Timeline of Life’s Events

1948    Was born on . . .
1954    Started school at . . .
1955    Was hospitalized for . . .
1960    Started junior high at . . .
1963    Started high school at . . .

Timeline of Schools

Elementary          Junior High             High             Junior              State                   Etc.
School                  School                      School          College            University

Timeline of Pictures

First                               Second                                    Third                                  Fouth                       Etc.

Notice how even picture genealogy charts could be considered timelines.

Use timelines to give a quick view of graduated events, or an over-view of your life. Timelines can be a form of artwork—almost like scrapbooking. Have fun with them.  

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  1. Timelines are so important! If you don't keep track of when things happen, it can be impossible to remember later. I have found that naming my digital pictures with the date at the beginning helps me with my timelines. I also take pictures of objects, signs, programs, etc. to help me remember other important details. I also take pictures almost every day. My kids (and many other kids these days)will have photos of themselves and their activities each day from the moment they were born, and they are all dated....our kids are lucky that way.